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Elizabeth and Jacqueline are happy to interview for the job as your Realtors

Meet Jacqueline

Jacqueline is a Californian native who settled in Silicon Valley to be a part of its thriving ecosystem of entrepreneurs. Having moved across the nation and internationally, her experience allows her to offer comprehensive, ground-up assistance to her clients from construction to estate planning in both English and Spanish. She has access to a diverse professional network and an approach to real estate that is customized per client – for your specific needs. She is a part of the National Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors, and Santa Clara County Associations of Realtors. She is also Probate Certified, which means she can help if your family member’s home was not put into a trust – though, her main goal is to keep you out of that situation! With an approach to real estate that is honest, creative, proactive, and diligent, Jacqueline hopes to cultivate a loyal professional relationship with each of her clients including you.

Jacqueline enjoys being outdoors and can conquer most sports such as dirt biking, volleyball, softball, basketball, surfing, and dancing. She often shares these hobbies with her two children and fiancé. Aside from sports, Jacqueline is passionate about the arts and spirited about singing. On occasion, she also enjoys a good glass of full bodied red wine. She volunteers in the community and has a passion for spreading goodness to others.That SV Life enables her to do all the things she loves combined. She uses her YouTube channel not only to play and explore outdoors but also to keep her audience in the know about the characteristics, lifestyle, and history of Silicon Valley communities.

Moving to a New Place

Originally from the midwest, they understand what moving to a new place is like. Having moved several times, remodeling many homes, and working with buyers and sellers, they realize that moving is not just about the house, but your lifestyle needs too!

Silicon Valley Real Estate

These Bay Area Realtors have easy access to any city in Silicon Valley. Elizabeth and Jacqueline also partner with Renovato Builders in commercial and Residential Sales. With Renovato Builders, they are part of turn-key projects that can start from the soil you stand on to your dream home.

Licensed and Qualified

Elizabeth and Jacqueline believe in the “interview process” when looking for your REALTOR®. Their strengths are listening to and understanding their client’s needs and constructing action plans. Elizabeth and Jacqueline strive to earn your trust and show their commitment through superb customized service throughout this interview process. Elizabeth and Jacqueline are licensed and qualified Silicon Valley real estate agents.

Certified Senior Specialists

Are you moving? How about looking for a vacation home? Elizabeth and Jacqueline are also certified senior specialists. They can help you find real estate agents in other states and countries. Contact them. They can’t wait to assist you!

Get To Know Them

Elizabeth enjoys gardening, riding horseback, British comedy, reading books, Baileys in her hot chocolate (acceptable in fine China), looking at homes, antique shopping, site-seeing, riding her bicycle, picnics in the park with her portable antique turntable, classic movies, and the opera. She is a mother of four and married to a loving husband. Jacqueline enjoys being outdoors and can conquer most sports such as dirt biking, swimming, volleyball, softball, basketball, surfing, dancing, and corn hole. She often shares these passions with her two children. Aside from sports, Jacqueline is passionate about the arts, loves to sing, and enjoys a good glass of red wine. Elizabeth and Jacqueline volunteer in the community and share a passion for spreading goodness to others. Oh-oh! Let’s not forget about their pet Roo, their real estate canine extraordinaire, that loves RUFF-erals.

Strengthen and Inspire

Elizabeth and Jacqueline created That SV Life to help you navigate Silicon Valley. That SV Life shares city-by-city recommendations on where to eat, where to shop, fun things to do, where to be entertained, and more. It is, after all, only a hop, skip, and a jump to surrounding areas, and if something incredible (and possibly unforgettable) is going on, they want you to know about it. Don’t miss out!

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If you are looking for more real estate advice, we suggest subscribing to their YouTube Channel and joining their monthly newsletter. The monthly newsletter has their latest real estate YouTube videos embedded in an email with a list of featured events in the Silicon Valley, city by city. If you want to ensure you never miss a thing—subscribe to both!

Their Instagram offers a personal side to their lives and touches on featured recommendations in Silicon Valley with some real estate. The Twitter channel is used to tweet what they may be doing in Silicon Valley at the moment, and their TikTok is mixed with Jacqueline’s love for singing, her children, and funny moments with her mother, as well as some real estate.

Bay Area Realtors

While they love to stay connected on social media, their services shine the most when you give them a call. As your local guides in Silicon Valley, Elizabeth and Jacqueline are happy to interview for the position as your Realtors. Getting to know you is what their business is all about! Contact them — they’re glad to get to know you!

Find Your Next Home

Let Jacqueline help you find your next home. Working out of her Campbell office, this Bay Area Realtor has easy access to any city in Silicon Valley. Jacqueline is happy to interview for the job as your Realtor.

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