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What is the history of Campbell?

Campbell began as a significant agricultural region. The community was founded by Benjamin Campbell, who migrated west with his family in the spirit of the pioneer. In 1846 the Campbells arrived in the area, and in 1851 they purchased 160 acres of land to develop a ranch. Over two decades later, Benjamin Campbell sold a parcel of this land to the local railroad.

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That parcel became a major rail center for the local fruit industry. The bounty from nearby orchards was canned then shipped far and wide, with some of the top-quality fruit exported as far as England. This business is where Campbell gets its moniker, “The Orchard City.” Operations became large enough where the city of Campbell needed its own bank. The Farley Building, which housed the old Bank of Campbell, remains the oldest commercial building in the city.

In the early twentieth century, Campbell remained a farming community yet also literary and sophisticated. The city also experienced one of its most memorable events during this time: the visit of President Roosevelt and his planting of a redwood tree at Campbell Union High School. Campbell was finally incorporated as a city in 1952 in order to preserve its identity since Campbell, like many other Silicon Valley communities, transitioned into a suburbia in the mid-to-late twentieth century.

What is it like to live in Campbell?

Campbell retains a small-town, urban-suburban mixed feel. Many families own their own homes. College students and young professionals also make up a significant portion of the city’s population; they can usually be encountered enjoying the downtown nightlife. Despite this, the city is quiet with family-friendly neighborhoods and cozy cul-de-sacs. Overall, it offers a healthy balance of excitement and calm that can benefit many lifestyles. Campbell is also close to a variety of other vibrant communities such as Willow Glen, Cambrian Park, and West San Jose, each with their own experiences to offer. Just a few miles northeast is Downtown San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley.

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