15 Reasons to Move to San Jose


15 Reasons to Move to San Jose

Let Jacqueline and Elizabeth share why they love this city. San Jose is a fantastic place to live, and this blog, “15 Reasons to Move to San Jose,” is filled with great information. These two Real Estate agents are your local Silicon Valley guides and founders of That SV Life.

Thinking about Moving to San Jose?

If you’re relocating to Silicon Valley — because of a job in the Tech industry or another reason — the first question you need to ask yourself is, “which city should I live in,” and “where should I buy real estate?”

Silicon Valley

San Jose has a population of over 1 million people. And for many years, San Jose’s been considered a “bedroom community” for Silicon Valley workers. To put it another way, this residential suburb is primarily inhabited by people who commute to a nearby city for work. However, tech jobs moving in and out of Silicon Valley are causing San Jose to change.

Commuting to Work

To determine the best place to live in San Jose, you should consider your commute. Understanding the rush hour traffic is essential if you work in another city. If you work from home, your options of what neighborhood to choose will open up as traffic may not affect your decision.

San Jose Neighborhoods

Next, consider the neighborhoods that match the cultural aspect you enjoy. With San Jose’s geographical size and various cultures, you’re sure to find a community that offers all the amenities and social elements you want for your next home and neighborhood.

In the final analysis, check your commute. You’ll want to spend time in a place you enjoy, not in your car. After that, you’ll compare and contrast housing prices, neighborhood amenities, and social elements. Once you’ve researched, you’ll be sure to find the right neighborhood to call home. We’re happy to help! Contact us.

The Capital of Silicon Valley

San Jose is “The Capital of Silicon Valley.” This city has excellent infrastructure, schools, and access to just about everything nearby. San Jose offers a wide range of neighborhood communities and activities. Below you’ll find our top 15 Reasons to Move to San Jose and why we love it!

Top 15 Reasons to Move to San Jose


San Jose is known to have a safer reputation than other cities in the United States. That is to say. It is the 10th largest city in the United States by Population. It has an excellent national and international reputation for safety. As seen in its size and physical area, San Jose offers a wide range of neighborhood communities. There are so many options available. If you are looking for a particular feel or culture, you’ll find a huge selection of options in San Jose. And, for the most part, all neighborhoods are hospitable. Indeed, San Jose is one of America’s safest and most diverse large cities.


One reason for the safe environment is that San Jose’s residents are educated. Making this one of the most educated large cities in the country (ranking 6th in one listing.) With an array of Junior Colleges and Universities. For example, we have several Junior colleges. Here are a few Bay Area favorites, San Jose City College, Evergreen Valley College, DeAnza College, and Mission College. Nearby universities include San Jose State University, Santa Clara University, and the most notable Stanford University. Both primary and continuing education opportunities are abundant.


San Jose sits in the Santa Clara Valley. It was once dubbed “The Valley of Heart’s Delight” due to its fantastic weather. Coupled with its rustic environment of orchards and vineyards. Though the agricultural industry has faded with the growth of civic neighborhoods, the weather has remained wonderful. To put it another way, Silicon Valley has always been highly sought after for its climate. With mild temperatures in the winter, the valley only sees snow on the hills above for a few days a year. At the same time, summers are warm. But tempered by the cool evening breezes coming over the mountains from the Pacific Ocean. The median temperature for the year is a high of 72 degrees and a low of 51.


Undoubtedly, the great weather plays a role, location and innovation led to the growth of the high-tech Industrial city of San Jose. San Jose’s history is a staple in the era of innovation. As the “Capital of Silicon Valley,” San Jose remains unmatched in career opportunities. Neighboring high-tech industries create one of the most potent local economies on the planet. On account of the many jobs required to keep the infrastructure running. The median household income is nearly double the national average. The Wall Street Journal calls San Jose “The most inventive town in America.” This statistic is based on the number of patents filed.


San Jose is a city known for innovation. With this in mind, it expects no less from its off-work entertainment and dining. People can enjoy fine dining with every type of food in this city. For upscale dining, check out various neighborhood downtowns. For example, San Pedro Square, Santana Row, Le Papillon, La Foret, and Birks are upscale dining options. While writing the 15 Reasons to Move to San Jose, we had the pleasure of visiting these restaurants, to name a few. If you’d like to explore further, a worthwhile trip to Grandview on Mt. Hamilton is always a pleasant experience. Many restaurants utilize local California fresh produce, which remains available year-round. Not to mention, vegan and ethnic food options abound. Check out our featured restaurants on our website!


World-class events flourish in the city. Of course, numerous movie theaters around the city provide standard entertainment. But for live productions, San Jose is brimming with Entertainment. Some of our favorites include San Jose Civic Center, Center for the Performing Arts, California Theater, and Montgomery Theater. These venues host local and traveling shows.

Of course, these venues provide just a few of our many options in San Jose. Equally important is the SAP Center. This center is also in downtown San Jose and hosts many of today’s greatest stars. In addition to the SAP Center, you’ll find the Symphony, Silicon Valley. The Symphony, Silicon Valley anchors the local classical music scene. In addition, it serves as a host for live musical presentations of major motion pictures — perfect for the family!

Smaller theaters, such as Tabard Theater, City Lights, San Jose Stage, and the Hammer Theater, provide homes for a thriving community theater, comedy, and local production scene. Let’s not forget to mention the enormous San Jose Convention Center. This outstanding convention center provides a venue for dozens of conventions throughout the year, including the Memorial Day favorite Fanimecon.


And to keep it upbeat, there is a cultural variety of music and dancing in the area. Specifically, you’ll find numerous club locations that provide an active dancing scene. To explain, you’ll find many types of music and dancing entertainment, including forms of dance, such as salsa, bachata, and swing. Other clubs feature live bands that travel, plus many that are local. That is to say, you can hear from Rock n Roll to Country!

Additional options are open mics. Open mics are always a mixed bag of a good time! Because San Jose has so much culture, you can choose to line dance one day and listen to jazz the following day. The skies are the limit here in San Jose. You’re sure to be entertained whether you sit and listen or participate.


For more action, San Jose hosts all ranges of sports. You’ll find youth activities, professional sports franchises, and just about everything in between.

For professional sports teams in the area, you’ll find the San Jose Sharks. The San Jose Sharks are a professional ice hockey team based in San Jose, California. They are a premier ice hockey team and one of the most successful NHL hockey franchises.

The NFL’s 49’ers play just over the city border, while baseball’s A’s and Giants are just an hour’s drive north.

For college sports teams in the area, you’ll find that San Jose State University anchors the area’s college sports. The Spartan’s CEFCU stadium provides a beautiful venue for the football team, which in 2020 won the Mountain West Conference Championship and finished in the top 25.

Next, you’ll find Santa Clara University, which lies a mere mile from San Jose city limits.

And finally, visiting Stanford University (consistent winner of the award as the overall best College Sports program in the country) will keep you sports enthusiasts entertained. Standford University is a short jaunt up the Peninsula.


Ok, this all sounds wonderful, but how about the outdoors? How about some things we can do together as a family?

Some of our top 15 Reasons to Move to San Jose include outdoor action and adventure. San Jose is branded as a “Tree City USA” designee. For that reason, San Jose incorporates many city parks within its borders, perfect for kids’ play and walks.

The Bay Area foothills around the valley provide many great hiking and nature expedition opportunities. Biking and hiking paths reach all through the foothills. You’ll find trails around the valley and up both sides of the bay.

To emphasize, local natural environments vary from oak grasslands to redwood forests. These natural environments are reachable within a short drive and a few minutes of travel.

Are you curious about what parks San Jose has to offer? You’ll find a list of our San Jose featured parks here!


Still, more adventure can be found! San Jose is centrally located and has access to many wonderful locations. It’s easy to enjoy local spots and tourist destinations. Northern California is a treasure trove of natural wonders.

Just over the mountains are the beaches of Santa Cruz. Not to mention, an hour north is San Francisco. Additionally, you’ll find Monterey, Carmel, and Big Sur. These cities are about an hour south and are some of our top 15 Reasons to Move to San Jose.

If you’re an adventurer, visiting the beach in 30-45 minutes to see whales, seals, and otters or being in a loop of redwood trees within minutes is why this area is such a fantastic place to call home.

The Napa and Sonoma Wine Country region is two hours north of San Jose —Yum!

The Sierra Nevada range can be found four hours to the east. This range has one of the most beautiful National Parks, Yosemite. After that, there’s terrific winter skiing in the high Sierras. The high Sierras feature Lake Tahoe and Reno, plus a few smaller resorts that enjoy less populated ski resorts. For those who enjoy gaming fun, you’ll find plenty of options on the state line with Nevada.

Do you like to ski? Message us, and we’ll share our ski secrets!


Yet you spend most of your time in the community where you live. San Jose features plenty of activities nearby, starting with shopping! Both niche stores and unique shopping are generous in San Jose. For easy access, visit Santana Row and downtown neighborhoods. Part of the 15 Reasons to Move to San Jose include eclectic shopping adventures. We highly encourage you to hop around to different neighborhoods downtowns.

Support Local Communities

It is a joy for us to support the local community. Of course, depending on which area you explore, you will feel like you have jumped in and out of various countries and cultures. After that, you’ll find multiple large and small malls and shopping centers that provide access to whatever you need. Even though we all know those shopping venues exist, having such a selection is nice.

Farmer’s Markets & Flea Markets

Farmer’s Markets and Flea Markets thrive in the Bay Area, including the famous Berryessa Flea Market. For fifty years, the Berryessa Flea Market has provided a venue for small dealers and family fun.


On weekends you can explore some local history. Since its founding, San Jose has been a city at the forefront of innovation and California’s growth. In 1775, Juan Bautista de Anza explored the region and marked the site of Mission Santa Clara de Asis and the pueblo of San Jose in an establishment to serve the agricultural needs of the Presidios of San Francisco and Monterey. During the 18th century, there were only two secular pueblos in California — San Jose and Los Angeles.

San Jose’s First 100 Years

San Jose grew steadily for its first hundred years as the main overland access corridor to the San Francisco peninsula, remaining mostly an important agricultural region. During the Gold Rush period, the New Almaden Quicksilver Mines in the hills on the south side of San Jose provided the mercury needed to process much of the gold; this was the largest mercury mine in North America. This industry explains why the long-published city newspaper was named Mercury News.

Continuing its series of firsts, on March 27, 1850, San Jose became the first incorporated city in the newly christened U.S. State of California, serving for two years as the California State Capitol. Established in 1957, what became San Jose State University was the first public university on the West Coast (its southern extension later became UCLA.)

In 1881, the first municipal lighting on the West Coast was established downtown with the “San Jose Electric Light Tower” (acknowledged as the inspiration for the later Eiffel Tower in Paris). In 1909, the electronics era was further foreshadowed when Dr. Charles Herrold began experimental radio broadcasts in downtown San Jose – one of the first radio stations in the world and later to become the powerhouse radio station KCBS.

San Jose Aeronautics

In the 1880s, John Joseph Montgomery created and flew several gliders, helping establish the science of aeronautics. In San Jose in 1904, he built an early experimental airship (the “California Eagle”). One of the foremost innovators in the early science of aviation, Montgomery died in 1911 experimenting with his glider “The Evergreen” on the hill that now bears his name behind what is today Evergreen Valley College.

San Jose’s Spirit of Invention

From 1903, Food Machinery Corporation (FMC) served the agricultural needs of the area. Still, when World War II erupted, FMC expanded to build military equipment and served as one of the core industrial assets, which helped create what became Silicon Valley. The spirit of invention continued expansion, and the creation of technology companies helped fuel the phenomenon of Silicon Valley and the computer age.

Always an innovator, new history is made daily in San Jose.


But don’t wait for others in San Jose to make history or memories. Instead — make some of your own by getting out and doing! As one of the country’s fittest cities, San Jose offers dozens of options for organized exercise, from Zumba and yoga to dance studios and amateur hockey. Walking and hiking access are facilitated by miles of pathways through the local parks.

San Jose has a culture geared to dance, with higher-level classes available from locations such as San Jose Dance Theater and Ballroom dance lessons at Park Avenue Ballroom, to name a few. There are dozens of options to get out and shake a leg. San Jose’s variety of cultures is seen through ways you see the community staying fit. The city is also a hub of endless ethnic dance opportunities, with various Indian, Asian, Hispanic, Eastern European, and Middle Eastern dance groups, such as the Lokahi Polynesian Dance Group. You’re bound to learn something new or find your culture here!

Finding dance instruction and outlets for expressing your personal style in San Jose is easy. Fitness and dance also occur in our local parks. You may see Tai Chi in practice or yoga. It’s pretty satisfying to know that we can understand and explore many different cultures in just one city through dance and fitness.

If you’re into more intense sporting activities, Lake Cunningham skate park provides a world-class venue for thrashing it up with the best sk8ters. In contrast, the Velodrome at Hellyer Park delivers the best outdoor bicycle racing venue in Northern California. The Velodrome has also been the scene for Olympic competitions. Established by the highly successful NHL Hockey team, Solar4America Sharks Ice provides a venue with several full-size hockey rinks for youth hockey and amateur league play — and you might rub shoulders with your pro hockey icons while working up some speed on your skates!

PAL Sports complex provides the lynchpin for local organized amateur sports with its full-size lighted Baseball and Softball stadiums. With over 300 amateur and ethnically diverse sports clubs and leagues in the area, you are sure to find a fit for your competitive physical needs. One of my favorite sports is dirt biking. It is easy to head to Metcalf with my children on our dirtbikes. If you’re looking for more relaxed park activities, check out our website for a list of our featured parks in San Jose.


Yet don’t just get out yourself — take the whole family! Family fun can be found in many places, from miniature golf courses to water parks and theme parks. Many neighborhood parks provide easy access for families to bring the kids to play.
Holiday Season Fun

Seasonal excitement includes Christmas in the Park downtown, which features holiday displays decorated by local organizations. Other examples of dazzling Christmas light displays are found with Fantasy of Lights at Vasona Lake just over in Los Gatos and Blinky’s Illuminated Holiday near Lake Cunningham on the East Side of San Jose. In West San Jose, Willow Glen homes also put on a beautiful Christmas display that many in Silicon Valley visit. It does not snow in San Jose, but you can find winter sports at the Downtown Ice installation or a short drive up to the Sierras.
Halloween Adventures

There are always Halloween events, such as the kid-friendly costume competition at Kelley Park Zoo and the Aztec Dancing & Day of the Dead Celebration. The Northside San Jose neighborhood in the northern downtown area features more than 200 homes that decorate for the spooky day, with lighted purple and orange hoops providing safer walking spaces for young Trick-Or-Treaters. The Willow Glen neighborhood also provides a safe environment for the whole family to dress in costume and have fun. You’ll find numerous pumpkin patches with rides and family activities, such as the Spina Farms Pumpkin Patch on farmland in Coyote Valley and the Halloween Pumpkins in the Park near the Children’s Discovery Museum in downtown central San Jose. And, of course, no spooktacular season would be complete without a visit to the haunted Winchester Mystery House on a Fright Night!

Several official fireworks displays celebrate the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve. Street fairs, Harvest Festivals, and Anime and Comic conventions occur regularly, joining a constant stream of family-oriented events at the County Fairgrounds off of Tully Road. These are just a few samples of the wide range of family fun activities you will find in San Jose.


And while you and your family get out and go, you will find yourself celebrating that you live within an expansive family, including an extensive range of ethnic and cultural variety. San Jose grew up as a diverse community and was recently identified as the most diverse of the country’s 100 largest metropolitan areas. Various ethnic enclaves include Japantown, Little Saigon, Little Portugal, and Little Italy. The sizeable Hispanic community is spread throughout.

A small sampling of Ethnic events includes the San Jose Greek festival for a taste of the Mediterranean; Dia San Jose for a one-of-a-kind Day of the Dead Celebration; the Obon Festival in Japantown, featuring a parade with Taiko drummers; the multicultural and internationally acclaimed San Jose Jazz Festival with its groove and chill; the Italian Family Festa, celebrating Italian food and wine; and the Bay Area Diwali Festival (this year in next-door Cupertino). These are just a few of the fun, culturally expansive, and inclusive events you will find in San Jose, not to mention dozens of others in the other cities in the valley.

15 Reasons to Move to San Jose

When you look to relocate to the area and ask why you should move to San Jose, the answer inevitably comes down to whether one of the communities provides the lifestyle, variety, and resources from which you can best pursue your happiness. The answer to the question as to why San Jose should appeal to you lies in its variety of neighborhoods, its wealth of activities, its weather, and its healthy environment. You can access almost any activity you want away from home, often without leaving the city. Easy day trips provide access to destinations on the desired lists by tourists from all over the world. You will likely find your own Valley of Heart’s Delight in San Jose!