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Volunteer for Free Bike Repair and Safety Check

July 31, 2022 @ 1:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Volunteer as a Bike Mechanic, General Volunteer, or LCI

Volunteer Bike Mechanics: Fix bikes and teach their owners about what is being fixed. All levels of experience are welcome. If you don’t have any experience fixing bikes but want to learn, sign up as a novice and we will partner you with an experienced mechanic. It’s a great way to get hands-on learning! We encourage you to talk to clients about what you are fixing and how as well as about the benefits of becoming an SVBC member — SVBC is key for making biking safer, improving health, and solving climate change. Each mechanic should bring their own lubricants and tools (including a bicycle repair stand if they have one) and if possible their own chair, table, and canopy.

Novice Mechanic — knows how to fix a flat, raise a seat, and adjust caliper brakes. You will be paired with a more experienced mechanic.

Intermediate Mechanic — also knows how to adjust front and rear derailleurs, replace chains & pedals, adjust bearing cones, simple wheel trues, etc., so a bike can pass ABC Quick Check.

Advanced Mechanic — also knows how to repack bearings, replace a spoke, and service pretty much any part on a regular bike (not necessarily everything on every bike — there is a lot of new technology these days).

General Volunteers: Set up the event, take down the event, check-in clients, and hand out snacks. Talk to clients about the benefits of becoming an SVBC member — SVBC is key for making biking safer, improving health, and solving climate change.

League Cycling Instructor: Collect repair tickets, teach ABC Quick Check, do a super quick overview of the LCI Need to Know, give out VTA bike maps, and do a final pitch to persuade the client to become an SVBC member (all in about 10-15 minutes). SVBC is key for making biking safer, saving money, improving health, and solving climate change.

Venue: Plaza del Sol (Map). The nearest public bathrooms are at the Caltrain station or nearby businesses (like Target, restaurants, etc). If it is hot, we would like each mechanic to be under a canopy. If it is raining (or there is a significant chance of rain) we will be in the parking garage beneath Plaza del Sol.

How it works: When a client arrives at the registration tent, a Greeter will give them a paper ticket and direct them to one of the mechanics. Clients should keep their tickets during the event because that is how we track them and the number of bikes fixed. The client will arrive at a mechanic station and the mechanic will evaluate what needs to be fixed on the bike with the client’s help. The client should note on their ticket what is fixed. The client should stay with the mechanic as their bike is being fixed. The mechanic will explain what they are doing with the bike. Mechanics will do basic repairs, such as fixing/replacing brakes & cables, fixing flat tires, repairing/replacing chains, adjusting seats, adjusting handlebars, and aligning derailleurs. If a bike requires more complicated repairs or if work takes more than 1 hour, refer the client to a bike shop. We encourage mechanics to collaborate with each other. If a new bike part is needed, tell the client to walk down the street to Walt’s Cycle and buy it. Remind the client that the bottom of their ticket serves as a 10% off coupon for the day. After their bike is fixed direct them to the Check Out canopy, where they will be taught the ABC Quick Check and turn in their ticket.

All volunteers should bring:

  • Mask
  • Personal hand sanitizer
  • Water bottle
  • Food/lunch for yourself (there are a number of eateries nearby too)
  • Hat/Sunscreen

Mechanics should also bring:

  • Repair stand (if you have a spare, please bring it. We have a mechanic or 2 who might need to borrow it)
  • Tools and lubricants
  • Supplies you don’t mind giving out
  • Air pump
  • If you have them: Canopy, table, chair(s) for your own use

If you need a tool that you do not have during the event, ask a fellow mechanic to borrow one and make sure you return it!

Things that will be provided by us:

A few air pumps, a waste container, disposable gloves, a bucket with water to test tubes for holes, vulcanizing rubber cement & patches, rags, paper towels, hand sanitizer, and name tags.

We will follow all county health guidelines to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and keep everyone safe by asking everyone to:

  • Maintain 6’+ physical distance
  • Wear a mask as needed
  • Stay home if you are ill

Note: This event will be held outdoors rain or shine. If there is rain or a significant chance of rain, it will be held in the underground parking garage beneath Plaza del Sol. Dress appropriately.

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Plaze del Sol
200 W Evelyn Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94086 United States

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